Rainbow, Rainbow In The Sky

Winner of the 2022 Purple Dragonfly Book Award. 1st Place, Board Books Category

“When light meets water in the skies

A rainbow forms before my eyes.

Let’s name the colors one by one.

Rainy, rainbow days are fun!”

Rainbow, Rainbow In The Sky is a children’s picture book which will make a perfect addition to your bookshelf at home, school or library.

Its delightful rhyme will encourage early language development and spark curiosity about rainbow formation.

Read aloud Rainbow, Rainbow In The Sky to your little ones.

● Babies and toddlers will be fascinated by its adorable images.

● Preschoolers will count, learn simple words and colors of a rainbow.

● Older kids will enjoy reading this poem that captures the joy of a rainy day and spotting a rainbow.

Review by Readers' Favorite 

Rainbow, Rainbow In The Sky by Subani Maheshwari is a short and sweet story about how rainbows are formed, with a description of each of the colors within it. Each page has its own little adventure. It offers a perfect demonstration of science that can easily be understood by a preschooler and also includes an opportunity to practice counting! It has sweet rhymes for each color of the rainbow and adorable illustrations to match. It’s a great reading-level book for first-time readers and easily memorized for those not yet able to read, giving younger kids the perfect opportunity to follow along.