Melody the Unicorn

Literary Titan Gold Book Award - January 2023

"Love and acceptance star in this delightful children’s book." Kirkus Reviews

"--- is an educational picture book that teaches self-love, self-acceptance and friendship through a fun story." ★★★★★ by Literary Titan

"This is a powerful lesson for all readers to learn." ★★★★★ by Readers' Favorite

"A must read for children who may be wondering why they are different or wondering what makes them special." FIVE STARS from ADITI WARDHAN SINGH (

Melody wishes she were like the other unicorns: bright and colorful. If only she could add some color and sparkle, she would fit in with her friends. Melody tries to make herself like them, but she cannot change who she is. Can Melody ever find the beauty within?

Melody the Unicorn and the Beauty Within is a heartwarming story of friendship, self-love, accepting diversity and embracing our uniqueness. Filled with beautiful illustrations, this light-hearted picture book will inspire young readers to be proud of who they are, gain confidence and find their inner beauty.

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